Josh Sutton | Tackle the Tar 2017





Why I Just Absolutely Luuuuuuuv’d

Participating in Tackle the Tar `17


To be honest, I enrolled in Tackle the Tar thinking, “This is only 3.1 miles with a handful of little hurdles to hop over and crawl under. A 5k is a Sunday stroll for me anyway and I’ll be in peak physical shape after having just returned from deployment. This will be cake.” Let me tell you I ate that cake—all 3.1 miles of it.  And it was hard. And I choked on it.  But, man, was it sweet!

I started my heat at a leisurely pace (so as not to embarrass the other runners, mind you), cleared an obstacle, inched past a few folks, no big deal. Then the humidity started nipping at my heels. Suddenly the obstacles were getting harder, too. By the time I reached the culvert to cross under the road I didn’t care that the river I was about to dive into was called “The Tar” (or why)—just that it was a cool reprieve from the heat and my hubris. By the time I reached the climbing wall, we (read: the people behind the people I initially passed) were working together just to finish the course. Thankfully the course ended with something akin to a muddy slip n’ slide—definitely my favorite obstacle.

I celebrated my victorious survival with the tastiest beer, shrimp, and brisket I have ever had from the food trucks on site. The band was prime and I felt accomplished. Not only did I endure one of the most humbling runs of my life, but I did it with the satisfaction of knowing that a deserving youth would be able to further their education. I even made a few friends and hada blast along the way (despite dreading/welcoming my impending doom every quarter mile).


“Will you do it again?” you may ask—you bet I will!