The Tackle the Tar Race will be an action packed adventure as you face one obstacle after another.


You can be sure that, by race day, there will be an intense variety of challenges.

We are currently working on our obstacles for 2019.  Here is a list of some past obstacles:

  • Tire Steps – Work your way across a field of tires
  • Cliffhanger – Climb over a short wall
  • Hay Bale Rise – Climb over a stack of hay rolls
  • The Great Tar Wall – Climb over a 16 ft. wall
  • Wall Climb – Climb over a short wall
  • Rock Climb – Climb over natural rocks
  • Tic Tac Toe – Step through a tic tac board of ropes
  • Spider Climb – Climb over a rope net wall
  • Rope Crawl – Crawl on your belly under rope
  • Tar Pit – Crawl on all fours through a mud pit
  • Roller Coaster Walls – Climb over and under a row of walls
  • Watering Hole – Cool off in the water hole
  • Barrel Crawl – Crawl through a line of barrels
  • Tar Roast – Jump over a pit of fire
  • Slip N Slide – Belly flops encouraged