The Tackle the Tar Race will be an action packed adventure as you face one obstacle after another.


You can be sure that, by race day, there will be an intense variety of challenges.

We are currently working on our obstacles for 2019.  Here is a list of some past obstacles:

  • The Great Tar Wall – Climb over a 16 ft. wall
  • Mud Pit w/ Roadkill – Pull yourself through the mud and over the mountain of rubber tires that are placed above the mud pit, forcing runners to dunk.
  • Log Jump
  • Tic Tac Toe – Step through a tic tac board of ropes
  • HLXP Trailer Crawl – Crawl under the trailer of an actual 18-wheeler.
  • Culvert Tunnel – Walk under US-64
  • Tire Mountain – Climb over the mountain of tires.
  • Natural Logs – A little nature never hurt anyone.
  • Post Office Rock Hill – Climb down the Post Office Rock Hill
  • Rocks – Climb down the Tar River rocks.
  • Down by the Water – Scenic but dangerous tar river run.
  • Second Mud Put – Above ground mud pit.
  • Spider Climb – Climb over a rope net wall.
  • Spider web – Make your way through the spider’s web.
  • Culvert Tunnel – Return by going under US-64.
  • Chicken Crawl – Crawl on your belly under the chicken wire.
  • Roller Coaster Walls – Climb over and under a row of walls.
  • Dip in the Pond – Wade through the pond.
  • Slip up the Slide – Crawl out of the pond on our slip n slide.
  • Truck Crawl – Crawl under Davenport Auto Truck.
  • School Bus – Crawl over the seats.